WordPress Developers Values

WordPress Developers Values defines our core beliefs, our work system and our long term strategy. Our values are obviously sprinkled all over our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of use for this website. Do you know that we have friendly cookies?

We Respect Our Clients & Visitors

We are here because we love helping people to achieve their goals. We know it is not our clients’ duty to be tech-savvy like we are and that’s cool!

We Respect Your Users & Clients

We identify ourselves with the people that use the websites and plugins that we build and we aim to create products, services and experiences that make sense to them. It is not just that websites need to be simple and engaging because people are dumb or don’t even care… By the contrary, users are busy and need things to be easy to use and intuitive. We acknowledge the realities of what users want and need and fine-tune our work until it makes your audience happy and engaged for a very long time.

Long Term Strategy

We prefer lasting relationships with our clients over any casual work. We are interested in clients who are looking to build long-term relationships with us and their clients and see the big picture… You know that sometimes it takes a little more investment up front to craft more flexible, mobile-friendly, engaging and future-proof websites.

WordPress Developers Values to achieve a Great Job!

We Love Ourselves

We are interested in working with clients who treat us as equal partners, not just the off you go “hired help”. While the success of our clients is incredibly important to us, so are our families and we aim to maintain a healthy work-life balance that keeps us energized and happy with our passionate jobs.

We Are Good People!

We try to leave the World Wide Web a better place to live and surf online. That includes giving time back to the community by contributing code, organising and promoting WordPress here, at Codexing.Art. That is why we called this webpage “WordPress Developers Values” and nothing else.

Not a Job, a Passion for WordPress!

At the end of the day, we strive to do work that is really, really good and that we can be proud of and show it to everybody! It is not just about being “good enough” so that our clients are simply satisfied… it is about taking care of the little extra things and subtle details that make a big difference in how successful a project and website is for you and your visitors and clients.

Do you agree with our WordPress Developers Values?